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  • Naztech 50W Ultimate Power Station AFC USB-C Wall Charger w/ Qi + 4000 mAh Po


    Featuring a sophisticated wireless charger, a 5 USB charging hub and an ultra-compact portable battery, the Naztech Ultimate Power Station is the all-in-one charging solution you’ve been waiting for! Charge up to 6 power-hungry devices at the same time from a single AC wall outlet. With 50 watts of pure rapid charging power, the Ultimate is the perfect and practical solution for homes and offices with limited outlets and multiple devices that need high-speed charging.

  • Otterbox 60W Black Otterspot Charging Base + 5x 5000mAh Portable Power Bank (5pc)


    The OtterSpot Qi wireless Charging System is the perfect solution for mass-wireless charging for restaurants, hotels, lounges, lobbies, co-working spaces and more. The powerful and robust 60-watt charging base recharges five OtterSpot batteries and a device at the same time. Its commercial-specific design features a six-foot power cord for hard to reach places, base-to-battery security identification pins to deter theft. The OtterSpot delivers fast power to all devices, as well as meeting the specific requirements of Apple, Samsung and Google approved devices. Unit also includes LED indicator to let the user know when it is charging the device.

  • USB-C Samsung OEM Black Fast Charging Doc


    Charge fast and wait less with the easy to use Samsung USB Type-C Fast Charging Doc with stand functionality.One charger for multiple devices. Samsung Charging Dock is compatible with a wide range of smartphones and tablets with USB Type-C port to make life simple. And thanks to its reliable, upright docking base you can comfortably view content and incoming notifications while charging.