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  • Apple Watch


    Guard the guardian of your activities with EXO EDGE for Apple Watch — the Apple Watch Series SE (2nd gen)/6/SE/5/4 protective case with a precision fit. Its solid bezel, sleek design, smooth bumper and snug feel all combine to ensure your display stays intact and free from cracks no matter what you put it through.

  • BLEND Light Strip


    BLEND Light Strip

    A perfect 16 million colors lighting strip with adjustable brightness and preset modes to provide different atmospheres.BLEND Light Strips are the perfect way to addambience to any room and with its unique flexibility to be concealed almostanywhere, you can showcase your favorite works of art. Capable of creating 16million different lighting effects with adjustable brightness and preset modes,you can always easily set the mood for that romantic dinner and seamlessly letit transition into a party setting. Even better is BLEND’s interaction withyour entire LifeSmart Smart Home System. Let your lights change to your desiredambience based on the time of day, temperature, or even by opening a door

  • Bluetooth Light Bulb


    Useful to everyone, smart bulbs are the perfect start to home automation. If you can screw in a bulb you can set up smart lights. Using Globe Electric smart bulbs and the GLOBE SUITE App, make your lights work for you. Seem like you’re home when you’re not by having lights come on at different times in different rooms. Turn on your lights before you get home from work so you have a light to arrive home with. Plus, the tunable white feature is great for your health by allowing you to have bright white light in the morning and then a relaxed warm white light for evenings. And that’s not all. These bulbs let you change the color of your room too so you can create the perfect mood for any situation. Perfectly hands -free, control your bulb with the sound of your voice using your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri. It’s so simple. It’s your home. Smarter.

  • Charger Station


    Waste no time and experience zero hassle keeping your devices charged with the durable and highly dependable OtterBox USB-C to USB-A charging cables. These cables are thoughtfully designed with industry-leading mobile expertise and proven quality for dependable use to satisfy every charging need.

  • Charger Station Ⅱ


    Known for trusted protection and innovative mobile accessories, OtterBox has reinvented portable power with the OtterSpot Wireless Charging System*. Use this charging pad as your base to fast-charge Qi wireless devices and simultaneously stack multiple OtterSpot batteries. Goodbye cables and cords.

  • CUBE Door/Window Sensor


    CUBE Door/Window Sensor

    A-simple-to-install door/window sensor combined magnetic sensor and vibrating sensorThe LifeSmart’s CUBE Door/window Sensor can send a notification through your Life Smart App when the door/window is detected open. It can also be used to trigger events with other smart devices, like making a snapshot with your Smart Home Wi-Fi Camera of whoever enters your house. The device is equipped with a vibration sensor. If someone tries to break-in, you can get notified instantly. It is also a CUBE Clicker. One simple click can trigger a series of actions of the smart devices. With the help of LifeSmart Cloud services and other amazing technologies, every single home will become a smart home, every single office will become a smart office.

  • CUBE Motion Sensor


    CUBE Motion Sensor

    Cube Motion Sensor is a compact motion sensor combined PIR technology and light detectionA compact motion sensor combined PIR technology and light detection.

  • DEFED Alarm Station


    DEFED Alarm Station

    DEFED Alarm Station is the sound notified of the alarm system. When there is an alarm message is triggered, a loud notification will be produced by this equipment. The sound is up to 109 decibels.

  • DEFED Door/Window Sensor


    DEFED Door/Window Sensor

    A narrow design opening contact, applicable for any windows or doors you want. The built-in temperature sensor could make users aware of room environment.

    It will send alarm notifications to you via LifeSmart when someone intrudes illegally. And the DEFED Siren worked in the alarm system will produce sound alarm to deter the intruder.

  • DEFED Motion Sensor


    DEFED Motion Sensor

    DEFED Motion Sensor supports an ultra-long dynamic sensing range of up to 12 meters, displaying the current sensing state with its dual-color LED indicator.

  • Defender Series – iPhone 14 Plus Case – Black


    Compatible With:

    • iPhone 14 Plus

    Drop Height:

    • DROP+ | 4X as many drops as military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)


    • 6.76 in x 3.78 in x 1.25 in / 171.60 mm x 96.00 mm x 31.80 mm


    • 0.29 lbs | 129.63 g


    • Polycarbonate shell
    • Synthetic rubber slipcover
    • Polycarbonate holster

    Recycled Content:

    • Made with more than 50% recycled plastic
  • Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch


    Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch

    Customize your own brightness with motion detectionDimmer & Motion Sensor Switch integrates light control, motion detection, illuminance detection together into one device. It triggers light ON/OFF by detecting motion and illuminance, so it may realize light ON when people coming, light ON when getting dark and many other smart control scenes.

  • FRAME 360 Camera


    FRAME 360 Camera is the ultimate lifestyle camera with many exquisite features such as live streaming, night vision, two way audio, security notifications, smart device triggered image capture and more. FRAME 360 Camera augments the user experience to a higher level through its portable wireless design, new sticky notes feature (easy audio messages sharing), 30-minute battery backup in case of power failure, interactivity with all LifeSmart products and optional cloud recording with play back options.

  • Google Nest Audio


    The Google Nest Audio is a premium smart speaker that’s larger than the Google Nest Mini. It has a sleek and stylish design that’s available in a multitude of different colors to match your home decor, with a wired design so you can plug it right into an outlet for round-the-clock use. With built-in Google Assistant, it’s designed for hands-free use, meaning you can control its features right from the comfort of your couch. You can even stream from other compatible devices over Google Chromecast, which is a nice touch.

  • Google Pixel Otterbox Commuter Series Case

    Life on the go just got easier with Commuter Series, the slim, Pixel protective case. Lasting antimicrobial technology helps protect the case against many common bacteria. Go about your life with confidence your case is protected against bacteria and your phone is protected against drops.
  • Google Pixel XL Xqisit 2.5D Tempered Glass Screen Protector


    Ultra-strong Pixel 7 screen protector preserves your display’s sensitive touch response and vivid clarity. Resilient and flexible, Alpha Flex installs easily with a precision fit. The crystal coating is scratch and shatter resistant and the full-coverage adhesive keeps Alpha Flex in place.