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  • Nature 7


    A full-screen control panel incorporating all intelligent control features, Nature 7 PRO enables control of various smart home devices and shifting between different smart scenes like “Away”, “Sleep,” “Movie or ”Dinner“. In particular, using Nature 7 PRO, a user can accurately control the degree to which a curtain opens and closes. Tune the brightness and color of a lamp or adjust the temperature of an air conditioner. Enjoying a truly smart life. The wall-embedded intelligent panel can be easily integrated into homes’ styling with 7-inch touch panel and standard 86mm base. It is not only a personal smart housekeeper at your fingertip but also a smart property terminal within your reach.

  • Smart Home Starter Kit


    With the Smart Home Starter Set, you can easily and quickly enable your LifeSmart devices to work with Apple HomeKit. Starts your home control using just your voice by “Hi Siri…”

    Do-it-yourself with ease. Complete your smart home system within only three simple steps with no need of any tools.

  • SPOT



    An IR remote controller to simplify your life by interacting with all LifeSmart smart home systemSPOT Mini, a mini Universal Remote Controller, a fantastic product to simplify your life. It does not only simply replace the traditional remote controls, but also interacts with other LifeSmart products via Smart Station. Televisions, air conditioners, fans, any IR device can be controlled by this SPOT Mini. By an easy setup, the SPOT can trigger the IR equipment intelligently.