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  • Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch


    Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch

    Customize your own brightness with motion detectionDimmer & Motion Sensor Switch integrates light control, motion detection, illuminance detection together into one device. It triggers light ON/OFF by detecting motion and illuminance, so it may realize light ON when people coming, light ON when getting dark and many other smart control scenes.

  • Moonstone Switch 120


    Moonstone Switch 120

    Touchable switch leads you into a simple smart lifeThe Moonstone switch is made of 2.5D glass material, which has a good hand feel, thick glass brings a heavy safety texture. A 3D vibration motor brings precise control feedback.

  • Polar Switch


    Polar Switch

    Independent power supply, perfect solution for 120 live-only wiring switches.Pollar Switch adopts extremely low power consumption technology and independent power supply. It supports single live line, neutral and live line and low direct current (≤ 30V). It eliminates the flicker when a traditional single live line switch is connected to a low power light bulb, providing an easy solution for installation and use.